Board Game Cafè & Makerspace

Hello! We’re two local entrepreneurs working hard to bring entertainment and learning to the people of the Kootenays!

A board game cafè is a space where people can gather to play games provided by our extensive games library. This will be phase one of our business. Phase two will be a makerspace.

A makerspace is a community workshop often with a providing a variety of tools, resources, and knowledge that would otherwise be challenging for a single person to obtain on their own. We plan on providing a well-stocked hand tool library for wood, metal, and electronic work at first while we work on answering our communities needs. We look forward to opening our street location soon where we will host a variety of events including repair workshops, vintage video game tournaments, giant street sized Settlers of Catan, and themed parties!

In the meantime look out for some preliminary events hosted in other locations as we build hype and support for our venture!


Sincerely, Tamra & Zac